[CJ] Beksul Hot Cake Mix 800g || 백설 영양균형 핫케익믹스

Weight800 g
Product Name

[CJ] Beksul Hot Cake Mix 800g
[CJ] 백설 영양균형 핫케익믹스 800g

Type of Food

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Date of Manufacture, Expiration Date (Quality Maintenance)

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Raw Material and Ingredients

※ ​The above raw materials are based on Korean standards, and each country's raw material labeling method may be different according to the relevant national food law regulations.

Allergy Information (FDA Regulations Only)

Specialty Food Type

Genetically Modified Food

Pre-deliberation on display advertisement

Whether or not an import declaration is required under the Food Sanitation Act

Storage Instructions

Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.

Quality Assurance Standards


– As moisture and odors are well absorbed, do not store it in a humid place or in a place with cosmetics, detergent, or oil.
– Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
– Opened products may be contaminated with insects, foreign matter, mold, etc., so it is recommended to keep them sealed and refrigerated.

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